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Updated: Apr 8, 2020

The Afternoon Slump... It’s definitely a real thing. That feeling of all your motivation, focus and energy just dissipating after 13:00!

Physiologically it’s part of our body’s Circadian Rhythm or sleep/ wake cycle. Although our rhythms are all unique, most people have a strong urge to sleep and dips in energy from 13:00 - 15:00 and 02:00- 04:00.

This dip in energy is not something we can solve for, it’s in our DNA, but we can overcome the negative effects on our productivity through some small changes: - Schedule your day to accommodate for it, perform your most demanding and complex tasks or important meetings in the morning, with more administrative, easier and operational tasks for the afternoon - Identify the specific foods that exacerbate your slump

- Watch your portion size at lunch - Exercise during lunch or make sure you get outside, move and walk in your lunch break, even a simple stretch helps - Use a standing desk in the afternoons - Music is a game changer and can improve our focus, happiness and productivity. Put on your favourite songs when your energy starts dipping - The smell of peppermint acts as a stimulant and activates our senses, waking us up. Fight the crash with some essential oil, a diffuser or gum

Rather than fighting your body’s natural peaks and dips of energy, make them manageable for you! #smallhabits4bigchanges As organizations we need to provide the correct environment to assist our employees to maintain their productivity through the day. By adopting practices like accommodating for lunch time movement, scheduling tasks, offering healthy foods that are easily accessible or subsidized and having the correct work spaces, we can enhance our employee productivity in the afternoon which ultimately grows our bottom line. #smallhabits4bigchanges #healthyhabits #healthyliving #liveyourbestlife #psychology360 #wellness #employeeexperience #workpsychology #industrialpsychology #organisationalpsychology #organisationaldesign #afternoonslumpbegone #motivation #employeeproductivity #productivity #exhaustion #energylevels #health #healthyliving #holistichealth #healthcoach #selfcare

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