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Everyone knows that I’m pretty obsessed with house plants (biggest advocate ever). Yes it’s a decor trend but there are also meaningful and scientifically proven Health and Wellness benefits of having plants indoors.

Firstly, and most importantly house plants can benefit your mental health. People living with elements of nature around them are scientifically proven to have better mood than individuals who do not. Plants also help to alleviate anxiety. These benefits stem from the associations plants conjure in the mind - the great outdoors, open spaces and peaceful scenes where time is slow and progress is in patience. Plants also release chemicals, such as Phytoncides, which when we inhale them lower levels our stress levels.

Plants can also improve your physical wellness by positively impacting the air quality. They remove CO2 from the air to perform photosynthesis and release oxygen. Better oxygenation in your home or workplace means improved cognitive function, balanced hormones and more energy. The humidity plants contribute to the air in your home or workplace, as well as their ability to remove pollutants, creates a healthier environment.

Still not convinced to go out and buy some plants? How about the immune system benefits? All the above pros result in a healthy immune function. In fact, the introduction of plants in an environment is proven to reduce rates of illness by up to 60%. Lastly, we can all feel demotivated stuck in a rut, well having some greenery in your work space can make you more productive, engaged, creative and inspired. Plants can also increase your learning capabilities and memory recall - helping you reach your goals at work and in your personal life.

How could you not be obsessed with our little green helpers?

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